La Fleur, Aphelion EP Out Now

After a 17 month break from releasing music, we’re back with an outstanding two-track work from label-boss La Fleur. Aphelion EP is out now!

The stirring ‘Hunting Grounds’ was birthed first, a brilliant masterclass of groove-drenched dynamics brimming with personality and spirit, characterised by a vocoded vox stabs and a killer synth line, that already saw it highlight her sets for Cercle and last year’s acclaimed Essential Mix. Always one to conjure a visual aesthetic to match her musical expression, she says: “I wanted to create an atmosphere of being in the wilderness and evoke a sense of open space.”

‘Aphelion’s’ foundations are built on deftly crafted drums, before the Swede’s distinct flair for melody sees sublime chords fill the space. “Aphelion is the point in the orbit when the planet is the farthest from the sun, so I wanted to give this an otherworldly vibe with the chords and the melody loop.”

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