Power Plant is a breeding ground for artists within different fields of creativity. Power Plant has branches in music, art, and fashion, and our vision is to create an organic and constantly growing foundation for the artists who are in the visionary spinning wheel of Power Plant. The force behind Power Plant is quality, curiosity, and artistic expression woven together in an exiting, growing multidimensional garden of trust. Power Plant encapsulates different forms of creativity under it’s name

Power Plant Records

Power Plant Records is representing the musical branch of Power Plants foundation. The new label from Berlin-based Swedish DJ and producer La Fleur that is a imprint featuring La Fleur and friends. Power Plant Records harnesses the power of organic technology for some delectably dance music.

Power Plant Elements

Power Plant Elements is the ground for designers to create collections inspired from the zeitgeist of Power Plant. Power Plant Elements is currently in collaboration with the American designer Stacey DeVoe with an exclusive androgynous fashion collection soon to be presented.

Power Plant Art

Power Plant Art project is the department for that little extra artistic outlet that is so central for Power Plant. Inspiring work from various hand picked artists, which together with the musician creates a power plant synergy, covers the releases from the label.