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The Berlin based Record Label Power Plant Records with branches within Music, Art and couture was during the 5th of March seeking back to its roots in Stockholm. During this night Power Plant was blooming at the venue ”Under Bron” which has been an flowerbed; given space and nutrition for the cultural life in Stockholm. The Music was growing freely from La Fleur, Jesper Ryom, Fulast and Tore Jarlo. Music flourished together with Visuals from Pernilla Olsson and an Installation from the coming Power Plant couture collection from Stacey DeVoe.

Line up:
Jesper Ryom
La Fleur
Tore Jarlo

Installations by:
Stacey DeVoe
Pernilla Olsson
Jonas Johansson
Kollektivet Livet

Under Bron, Stockholm, SE
10 pm -05 am