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Budding producer Jesper Ryom has gradually become a well-respected name in electronic music since making his debut on Power Plant Records with ‘Nature Boy’ in 2011.
Here we see Jesper Ryom make a return to Power Plant Records with the long awaited ‘Aviator’ EP, again showcasing his signature melodic, groovy and heartfelt style. Backed with remixes from the label boss La Fleur, and duo Taron-Trekka.

Artwork by Dan Hillier

Dan Hillier works as an artist out of London and is acclaimed for his black line work, combining Victorian sensibilities with a fascination for animal and landscape attributes and leanings towards the esoteric and mysterious. His work is characterized by depictions of fantastical human/animal hybrids, spliced together from late-1800s imagery. Dan’s artworks have been exhibited in his own solo shows, various group shows and galleries including La Musee des Arts Decoritifs in The Louvre, Paris, the Saatchi Gallery and the ICA, London.

Audio (snippets)